The Ultimate Game Changer: Congress Leader DK Shivakumar’s Take on “No Resort Politics, No Poaching” Goes Viral


  1. Introduction
  • Brief overview of DK Shivakumar’s statement.
  • Mention of the surprise win in Telangana and the potential challenge in Madhya Pradesh.
  1. “Resort Politics” in Madhya Pradesh
  • Explanation of the concept of resort
  • Reports on the Congress considering sending winners to Karnataka.
  • Significance of the Madhya Pradesh elections.

Confidence of Congress Leaders

  • DK Shivakumar’s assertion about MLAs being immune to poaching.
  • Reference to the reclaiming Karnataka earlier in the year.
  1. Denial of “Resort Politics” Rumors
  • Dismissal of rumors by Shivakumar.
  • Confidence in the loyalty of MLAs.
  • Reference to the failure of “Operation Lotus.”
  1. Telangana Chief Minister’s Alleged Approaches
  • Mention of KCR approaching leaders.
  • Shivakumar’s firm denial of any such occurrence.
  1. Expected Congress Victory in Telangana
  • Overview of exit polls predicting a win in Telangana.
  • Shivakumar’s reservations about exit polls but confidence in success.
  1. Post-poll Surveys and Calculations
  • Shivakumar’s personal approach to surveys.
  • Larger sample size compared to media polls.
  • Belief in a significant wave favoring
  1. Anticipation of Change
  • People’s desire for change in Telangana and other states.
  • Hope for the Congress to come to power in Madhya Pradesh.
  1. Prediction Validation in Telangana
  • Shivakumar’s belief in the accuracy of predicted numbers in Telangana.
  1. Criticism of the BJP Government in Madhya Pradesh
    • Labeling the BJP government as the most corrupt in Madhya Pradesh.
    • Assurance of a government in the state.

Bengaluru: No Congress Leader Can be “Poached

Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar, in a statement to NDTV, unequivocally proclaimed the imperviousness of leaders to external inducements. This declaration follows the party’s unanticipated triumph in the Telangana Assembly election, coupled with its prospective confrontation with the BJP in Madhya Pradesh.

“Resort Politics” in Madhya Pradesh:
There are talks of “resort in Madhya Pradesh, where MLAs are housed in luxury resorts to prevent them from switching sides. Reports suggest that Congress might send its Madhya Pradesh election winners to Karnataka.

Congress leader DK Shivakumar is the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka

Confidence of Congress Leaders:
Shivakumar expressed confidence in the loyalty of MLAs, emphasizing the party’s earlier win in Karnataka. He believes that no MLA can be bought or poached.

Denial of “Resort Politics” Rumors:
Dismissing rumors, Shivakumar stated that talks of “resort politics” were based on misinformation. He referred to the failure of “Operation Lotus,” where the BJP allegedly poached opposition lawmakers.

Telangana Chief Minister’s Alleged Approaches:
Shivakumar refuted claims that Telangana Chief Minister KCR had approached Congress leaders, emphasizing that such incidents would not occur.

Expected Victory in Telangana:
Exit polls indicate a win in Telangana, with Shivakumar expressing reservations about exit polls but confidence in a significant wave.

Post-poll Surveys and Calculations:
Shivakumar, personally skeptical of exit polls, conducts surveys with a substantial sample size, distinguishing them from media polls.

Anticipation of Change:
People’s desire for change in Telangana and other states, with Shivakumar hoping for to come to power in Madhya Pradesh.

Prediction Validation in Telangana:
Shivakumar believes that the predicted numbers in Telangana will hold true, reinforcing his confidence in success.

Criticism toward the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh involves Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar asserting it as the most corrupt the state has ever had. He confidently predicts a Congress government to emerge once the results are unveiled.
Shivakumar criticizes the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh as the most corrupt, confidently asserting a government when the results are out.


In conclusion, Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar’s unwavering confidence in the strength reflects the party’s determination to secure victories in crucial state elections. Despite skepticism towards exit polls, Shivakumar’s reliance on extensive surveys and the anticipation of a wave for change showcases the party’s optimism. The political landscape, marked by talks of “resort politics” and alleged approaches, adds intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

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  1. Q: What is “resort politics”?
  • A: Resort politics involves housing MLAs in luxury resorts to prevent them from joining rival political parties.
  1. Q: Why is there talk of sending Madhya Pradesh election winners to Karnataka?
  • A: Reports suggest that Congress is considering this strategy to safeguard its elected representatives from poaching attempts.
  1. Q: What is “Operation Lotus”?
  • A: “Operation Lotus” refers to the alleged BJP strategy of poaching opposition lawmakers to strengthen its political position.
  1. Q: How does Shivakumar validate his confidence in Congress’s success?
  • A: He cites post-poll surveys with a significant sample size, distinguishing them from media-conducted exit polls.
  1. Q: What is the basis of Shivakumar’s criticism of the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh?
  • A: He labels the BJP government as the most corrupt in the state, expressing confidence in a Congress government emerging after the results.

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