Kia Ray EV will destroy Tata and MG with its amazing features and range, the price will blow your senses.

Kia Beam EV: Little Vehicle, Large Effect! These days, everybody is pained by city blockage and rising petroleum costs. But don’t worry; the Ray EV is a great electric car from that will make city life more enjoyable and better for the environment. This minimal electric vehicle explores effectively through city traffic as well as addresses spending plan concerns. We should investigate the huge benefits of this little vehicle.

The Kia Beam is a city vehicle made by solely for the South Korean homegrown market. In view of the Picanto/Morning, it was explicitly evolved in consistence with the “light vehicle” (Korean: 경차, romanized: Gyeongcha) is a tax incentive category for cars with exterior dimensions of less than 1,600 mm (63.0 in) and less than 3,600 mm (141.7 in).


Exterior and interior of the Kia Ray EV Price in India for the Ray EV:

Kia Beam EV Inside and Exterior
The Beam EV catches hearts with its appealing plan. Its minimal and sharp look makes moving through city traffic a breeze. Wide headlights, smooth taillights, and a strong guard give the vehicle a lively appearance. The inside is intended for straightforwardness and solace, highlighting light tones, flexible seats, and more than adequate leg space for charming long excursions. Highlights like touchscreen infotainment, Bluetooth network, and cell phone charging take special care of all your requirements.

kia Ray

Kia Ray EV Battery and Range

Kia Ray EV Price in India] has kept the Ray EV’s price very attractive to make city travel both affordable and environmentally friendly. The little battery variation begins at roughly 16 lakh rupees ex-display area, while the bigger battery variation begins at around 17 lakh rupees. Moreover, exploiting government sponsorships for electric vehicles can additionally decrease the expense.

There are two battery limits accessible for the Kia Beam EV: 16.4 kWh and 35.5 kWh. The more unobtrusive battery gives an extent of as much as 138 kilometers on a full charge, while the greater battery can cover a distance of as much as 233 kilometers. The more modest battery is reasonable for city drives, while the bigger one offers a superior choice for expressway visits.

Kia Ray EV Faster Charging

The Kia Ray EV’s ability to charge quickly is one of its most distinctive features. The enormous battery can be energized to half in only 30 minutes utilizing a quick charger. Along these lines, disregard long stops for charging during your excursions!

Kia ray

Kia Beam EV Performance

While the Beam EV may not race like a games vehicle, its electric engine gives adequate capacity to city streets. The two models offer 68 hp and 86 hp, making speed increase smooth and easy. The speed increase is very lively, and the vehicle can arrive at 0 to 100 kilometers each hour in only 12 seconds.

Ray EV Competitor] In the Indian market, the Kia Ray EV faces competition from vehicles such as the Tata Tigor EV and MG Renault Kwid EV. This large number of vehicles offer present day highlights and cost-adequacy like the Kia Beam EV. In any case, the quick charging capacity separates the Kia from its rivals.

South Korea’s most memorable creation EV is back. Electrek got wind that Kia was intending to restore the Beam EV after a Kia official let KED Worldwide know that “the new Beam EV is set to extend clients’ choices with a mileage of in excess of 200 km, upgraded driving execution for the metropolitan community and open inside.


The Beam EV is a fantastic electric vehicle custom-made for city driving. With its engaging plan, reasonable cost, current highlights, and remarkable execution, it stands apart as a predominant choice.

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